How to do a self-esteem spell to boost your confidence


Learn how to do a self-esteem spell to boost your confidence.

You know what they say? You have to believe in yourself before you can believe in anything else. Sometimes the first step to reclaiming your confidence is to spend time being with yourself, trusting yourself and being as kind as you possibly can to yourself. This self-esteem spell helps you do just that. It’s an ongoing spell, which means it may be repeated for as long as it’s needed.

To do this self-esteem spell you will need:

  • a bath
  • 7 green oak leaves (or bay leaves)
  • lavender oil
  • a purple candle
  • a yellow candle
  • jasmine oil
  • purple thread

How to do a self-esteem spell

Run the bath to a depth and temperature of your liking and sprinkle the lavender oil and oak leaves into it.

Light the candles and climb in.

Close your eyes (but don’t fall asleep) and take some long, deep breaths. Breathe in the warming orange light of confidence and breathe out the murky coloured self-doubts.

Imagine a yellow light above your head which slides gradually down your body.

When you leave the bath, snuff out the candles and thread the oak leaves onto the purple thread.

From now on, whenever your self-esteem fails you, heat jasmine oil in a burner, light the candles, and hold up the oak leaves. If you like, you can carry the leaves around with you in a box or envelope. That way you’ll have them to hand when you need them. They’ll help you remember that time you had the energy, will and confidence to do a spell just for yourself, no-one else!

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