Self healing spell

self-healing spell

A self-healing spell to practise self-care on the magical plane as well as the daily earthly one.

If you’re looking for a self-healing spell, are you ready and willing to get in touch with the witch inside you? That’s the voice within telling us to breathe some magic into our lives. Your witch intuitively understands the wonders of spells and other rituals. These allow us to know ourselves and others better, improving the quality of our lives, encouraging us to face our problems. Try it. Believe it. This might just work…

This is for all sorts of ailments, from strange viruses to back pain and rotten colds. It is also helpful for emotional complaints from anger to a broken heart. A healthy diet and appropriate exercise will strengthen your constitution.

Self-healing spell ingredients:

  • A drop of eucalyptus oil
  • 2 drops of lavender oil
  • An oil burner
  • Somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down

Heat the oils on a burner and sit on a comfortable chair or sit up in bed and start to take deep long breaths in and out. With your eyes closed imagine a clockwise spiral of golden light in front of you. When you ‘see it’, imagine another moving anti-clockwise next to it. Draw the spirals towards you and towards each other so that you and they merge. Feel the energy move through you, bathing you with its healing powers.

This endeavour may take a bit of practice but once you are in charge of your spirals, continue to explore the experience for as long as your concentration allows. You’ll instantly feel much more relaxed.