Use Sigils for Spiritual Alchemy With Magickal Gateway Cards

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Arcana believe it! Astrid Haszprunarova talks to us about her new spiritual alchemy tool kit, and how you can use Magickal Gateway cards for spellwork and more. They’re like Tarot cards, but not…

Any of the thousands of listeners who tune into Astrid’s Spiritual Alchemy Radio Show will know she walks an eclectic spiritual path which ranges from divination and meditation to ceremonial magic and alchemy. She’s been known to play disco soundtracks to her magical workings. Using a fractal approach to the unknown, she’s well-placed to create a new magickal method of working with sigils and cards.

The Magickal Gateways pack was conceived as a highly versatile new way to work magick. It has been designed to support you in developing new skills, abilities and insights – or exploring those you already have.

magickal gateway cards astrid

These are not Tarot cards. Nor are they Angel, oracle cards or anything else. This beautiful set of sigil cards has been designed by Astrid with years of experience and exploration charging each one. All the sigil artworks have been empowered so that you can directly step into their essence for both ritual and divinatory purposes.

Using Magickal Gateway Cards

“I made those primeraly to be spell cards,” says Astrid. “Something you can imagine or experience with all your senses in a deep meditation or trance. I also recommend Dream Work, or taking the image with you into the dream state by actively visualizing it as you fall asleep.

“I wanted to make a magical tool that is truly flexible and can be incorporated into all systems, from wicca to hermetics all the way through to hoodoo and witchcraft. Don’t take my words for gospel. Use your feelings and the cards will open their path to you in a way that suits your time and space.”

The Inspiration Behind The Cards

Astrid told us a bit more about the process of creation: “I follow my guidance with trust. I set an intention for this set of cards to represent a full spectrum of magical workings or spells. Each sigil represents a goal or intent, and I let the spirits guide me to the right ‘barcode’. I wanted to make something that came straight from divine materia.”

“It all happened quite quickly, within a few days. To be honest I can’t really remember it as I was in a deep trance state most of the time. It was almost like my hands moved on their own and I had that blank stare! When I was down I realized I’d made all the colours of the rainbow, like a spectrum, without intending to do so. The cards are based on experience. It’s something I call “sensational magic”, which I am currently writing a book on.”

A Glimpse Into The Cards

The sigil cards are inscribed with titles like:

  • Transmutation
  • Raising Energy Levels
  • I am Full of Motivation
  • Opening Closed Doors
  • My Discipline Improves

Each card in the Magickal Gateways pack has been constructed with the energies of multiple occult paths and sources, and may best suit an eclectic explorer of the hidden arts. We were wondering if Astrid had any personal favourites!

Magickal Gateway Cards Spiritual Alchemy

“I really like the blurry underwatery feeling of “Purification and Clarity”, and the juiciness of “Raw Passion” Everybody will be naturally drawn to the card and energy they currently need in their life. It is an intution, just like craving oranges when you are not having enough vitamin C.”

These cards are also not intended for beginners, says Astrid, so the cards may provide the most benefit to pathworkers who have already explored magickal concepts like ritual, visualisation and meditational states.

Magickal Gateway Cards Spiritual Alchemy

The Magickal Gateways pack is now available from It comes complete with large-format gateway cards, full instruction book and journal.

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