Test Your Psychic Ability Online – How Psychic Are You Today?

test your psychic ability online

Can you tell when someone is going to text you just before they do? Test your psychic ability online with the Zener test. Draw twenty ESP cards randomly picked after you’ve made your choice to test your clairvoyance – or your ability to predict future events.

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Let’s put this in perseptive. ESP scores range from low to super-high, but it’s very hard to get above low because this is based on the scientific Zener test! You can learn more about that below.

Remember your psychic ability is not constant. Your psychic ability can fluctuate based on all kinds of factors. Your state of mind, elements you’re attuned to like the weather… all kinds of things.

You can build your psychic awareness over time with training, too. Try testing your psychic abilities during thunderstorms, in moments of great joy or at night to see how your psychic ability might change over time. Get to know your own patterns. How psychic are you today?

This online test is just for clairvoyance.
There are other types of psychic abilities out there.

This test only tests your clairvoyancy, or ability to predict the future. There are so many other types of psychic abilities out there. Even if you get a low score in this test, you may have strong psychic abilities in other areas, like telepathy, or psychic empathy, or psychic healing. This ESP test will not pick up on that.

Whatever psychic abilities you have, or want to work with, remember you can train to improve them over time.

More about the Zener Test

The Zener Test is based on the idea that if you have five cards, you have a one in five chance of randomly guessing them correctly. So if you have up to 20% accuracy, that may not display psychic ability – but if you have a higher rate of accuracy, then you may be particularly attuned to clairvoyancy and predicting the future. You can find out more about the Zener test and how it was created here.

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