What types of psychic abilities are there and which suit you best?

types of psychic abilities

What types of psychic abilities are there, and how can you increase your affinity for them? We all have psychic abilities. You may have a knack for animal communication or aura reading, to name a few.

These days we’re seeing more and more psychics “coming out”, and sharing their gifts with the world. Throw a stick in any direction in a book shop, and it’ll land on some form of Psychic Abilities for Dummies book.

While I applaud the courage of these psychics, and open-minded people who accept us as normal people offering a service like any other, the word “psychic” has always bothered me. It’s incredibly vague, and has a nasty reputation for people saying, “ooooohh… what am I thinking of right now?” as soon as the word slips past your lips. For the record, I like to answer such cheek with “my naked body”.

When I worked in an angel shop, offering a selection of card and aura readings, they needed a word to advertise my operation, so I begrudgingly allowed the word “clairvoyant” to be printed by my name on a big pretty banner. I always thought it looked ridiculous. Not a single one of my clients ever used silly terminology to describe me. If they described me at all, they simply spoke of my being gifted.

It’s quite a compliment, but again “gifted” is just not quite right. It creates barriers and a false mentality, because the reality is that ANYONE can learn to express their psychic selves. In my readings, I saw SO much unrecognised talent in people who all thought that “only gifted people can do things like that”. It’s a lie. Anyone can take their pick from all kinds of types psychic abilities to work on and develop. If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re already on the path.

How to increase your psychic abilities? Be open and proceed with faith, love and caution.

1) Proceed with faith.

The ultimate and most important cornerstone of all things extrasensory is not just believing, but knowing that you can do it, that it’s real, and that your instincts are always right.

2) Proceed with love.

Having enough trust and knowing yourself well enough to develop any ability is always something to be incredibly grateful for – even if you decide to keep it for yourself, always hold it close to your heart as a gift you have blessed yourself with. If you decide to share it, you’re bringing a little bit more love into the world!

3) Proceed with caution.

It’s a good idea to mentally wrap yourself in energy-based protection first, such as a deep blue cloak or armour. While you will inevitably have to push boundaries at some point, get to know your comfort limits. If you become uncomfortable at any time, stop what you’re doing. Otherwise, be utterly fearless, and know you are safe.

What types of psychic abilities are there?

Below I have listed some examples of various psychic gifts that I have personal experience with (I have only listed gifts that don’t involve tools like cards or mirrors). Some people will have a strong “knack” for some of the below. You may uncover a hidden talent.

reading auras

Reading Auras

In aura readings, colour fields surrounding a person (not normally visible to the naked eye) represent different states.

Aura reading is one of my personal favourite types of psychic abilities. Having your aura read is a wonderful way to heal your spirit! It involves seeing a person’s astral body, which shows up as several layers of vivid colour and extends close to two feet outside the body. Each layer is different and each aura is different.

The inside layer is closest to your heart and soul so it’s got the highest energy level, and is usually a white-blue colour, and the outside tends to be a deeper blue or sometimes just white.

How to read auras? Look for colours reflecting personality and key life events.

Reading auras involves the mid-level layer, which is made up of patches of colour that reflect your personality and events in your life. For example, deep, slow-moving purples tend to be emotional or sometimes physical scars, pretty light green tends to be a sign of new things and emotional growth, and any gold or sparkling colours are rare blessings, talents and callings. Because of the level or emotion involved, it’s deeply personal and often moving, so practice on yourself or someone who you trust. Although note you may have to go for the latter – I’ve only met one other person aside from myself who can read their own aura. Weird, eh?

There’s a few good methods for learning to read auras. A nice way to start is to sit in a dark, quiet room (but make sure you can still see, of course!) then rub your hands together at eye level and slowly move them apart. Look for colours or wiggly lines of energy. It’ll undoubtedly take a few tries, but you’ll get there. You can also interlock your fingers and similarly draw them apart.

After this, get your hands on some black and white photos – when you start off, it’s easier to notice subtle colours when there’s no colour to start with! Really look for energies and signs in the photo, and pay attention to how you feel – are you hot or cold, happy or sad? These indications will help you develop your skills.

Oh, and every last person I’ve asked can feel their own aura. Let’s try now, shall we?

Exercise: Read your own aura

  • Rub your hands together, stick them out a little less than arms distance in front of you, palms facing inwards, and take a deep, cleansing breath.
  • As you breathe back in, move your hands slowly closer to your body.
  • Do you feel that lovely light, fuzzy energy? If you feel something, pause and wiggle your fingers.
  • You’ll notice that the closer you get to your body, the thicker your aura feels.
  • Let your hands rest on your chest and send a little bit of loving energy back in when you’re done.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to extrasensory stuff, but it’s a good place to start. So get practising – we are all magickal!

animal psychics

Animal communication

Also known as: animal psychics

Having a deep love for animals is a vital ingredient, as well as a lot of patience and determination, because animals communicate completely differently to humans.

If you wish to speak to an animal, mentally project a strong, clear image into their mind, accompanied by the feelings you wish to express. For example, send your cat or dog a picture or themselves, all shiny and beautiful, along with a great big mental cuddle to express how much you love them. Don’t be surprised if they come running over after a try or two – most animals are very receptive.

It’s not the same as working as an animal psychic, but you may be interested in reading more about finding your animal spirit guide.

psychic messages in dreams

Receiving messages

Also known as: claircognience, clairaudience, or very commonly referred to as just plain psychic

This is when you simply “know” something. It’s often sporadic but you can train yourself to “look” at an issue and receive an answer. This psychic ability often manifests as a vivid, specific, flashing picture that just pops into the mind. Then again, you might hear something, or words and sounds drift through your thoughts in a way that just feels different. Physical sensations are often involved, too.

Psychic messages are very commonly accompanied by a strong feeling of purpose, and frequently strong emotional responses, which distinguishes them from passing thoughts.

I believe so many people receive messages like these, but the messages can be somewhat subtle in comparison to what most people expect from the word “psychic”.

If you’d like to start receiving messages, aim to focus on opening your mind and being aware of more than just what’s going on around you. Extend your spirit to the universe and perform activities to feel connected to the entire world. Have faith and it’ll happen.

Note: this kind of gift can also occur in dreams!

energy readings


Also known as: clairsentience, energy reading

I love this one! Psychomancy specifically is taking an object and reading the energy from it. For example, you might take a ring and describe the weather on the day it was given as a gift to a significant other. It simply takes practice and focus to allow yourself to become an energy conduit in this way. Similarly, with practice you can read the energies of a room or place or again an object, maybe even without touching anything.

medium psychic abilities


Also known as: spirit communication

This will sometimes occur in the form mentioned above (messages), or more commonly through seeing or hearing departed spirits. It’s certainly one of the more complicated and potentially frightening types of psychic abilities, but it can bring endless comfort and peace to many people.

Because this can be a little more difficult to control, and involves more than just your own psychic self, I strongly suggest psychically protecting yourself first (as you should do before ANY kind of extrasensory practice if you’re a beginner). When you feel nice and safe and strong, open your senses up, and follow whatever feels right. You might see smoky lighted colours, shadows, or full on spectral images. Perhaps you’ll get a mental picture of a departed soul, accompanied by a feeling that they want you to pass on something. Finally, you might actually hear them whispering in your ear.

Be unafraid. It can be quite intense but you’re in control, you can break communication any time you need to. It takes patience and courage but it can be a wonderfully inspiring experience. Most spirits I’ve encountered have been truly lovely, and less lovely ones just needed a bit of guidance. Be sure to say goodbye and send them on when it’s time. You wouldn’t want them to get lost or confused!

You have the power.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do this, that you can’t explore the energy all around us. There are so many types of psychic abilities, so find what works for you. Keep safe, be bold, and explore. We all have psychic abilities, one way or another. You’ve got this!