Young Urban Witches Online – Treadwells Event 27th April

Young Urban Witches Online - Treadwells Event 27th April

London’s fabled Treadwells Bookshop is hosting a safe, inclusive online event for young urban witches. The perfect companion to our May Day Magic ritual on May 1st. Find out more!

Treadwells Bookshop is one of London’s most famous (and inclusive) esoteric bookshops. It even has a shrine to Pamela Coleman-Smith (yes, that Smith, the artist for the Smith Rider Waite Tarot) in the form of the fireplace Smith once owned! A tired crow could easily walk from the British Museum to Treadwells without stopping for crumbs, and it’s on our list of unusual places in London to explore if you wish to experience London’s hidden side; the one that few people ever get to see.

Treadwells’ founder Christina Oakley Harrington has been working incredibly hard along with all the dedicated team to keep Treadwells open during quarantine. They’ve been doing everything from grinding fresh incense to making pilgrimages to the post office every day to deliver academic tomes, occult guides and grimoires to the magical community. It’s an epic labour of love.

Another thing Treadwells Bookshop is famous for is the incredibly intimate, accessible and fascinating events regularly held in its holy and sacred meeting room. Quarantine is not going to stop these magickal events going ahead – they’re now being held online, so you can take part wherever you are.

Young Urban Witches Online Event

27th April 2020

Video platform: Zoom

Book your ticket online (£10)

This inclusive community event is exactly what the magical community needs right now. A way of coming together and sharing inspiration, technique and focus in times of isolation.

For young folk under 30, this night introduces practical creative witchcraft in a safe space. Each session focuses on a topic which is both important and relevant to witchraft practice and spirituality. The tutor is Rebecca Beattie, a longstanding Wiccan practitioner who is approachable and knowledgeable.

This Treadwells online event is a place for all genders. No experience is expected or required.

Note: For people aged under 30. 

** Please log on at 6:50 pm for a prompt 7:00 pm start.

Follow up this Treadwells Event with May Day Magic on May 1st

The Young Urban Witches event makes a perfect companion piece to Mookychick’s own global May Day Crowning ritual on May 1st. Every witch out there is invited to partake in the May Day Magic ritual! You can take part wherever you are, whatever level of magickal experience you have, and it is free to join.

Honestly, the Treadwells Event is a perfect way to help you get you in the mood. Embrace that feeling of being saturated with magic, filled with creativity and imagination, and in the ideal space to start making your May Day crown.

Join the May Day Magic Ritual