6 reasons why I love the benefits of green tea


I have a bit of a love affair with green tea, and I’m probably not alone. Here are six benefits that make me savour each sip a little more…

1) Just a bit of caffeine

In the UK, we drink around 70 million cups of coffee per day. Green tea also contains caffeine and while the amount varies depending on the brand, it’s still less than coffee. If you want to cut down on the caffeine but still feel awake in the morning, green tea is a good alternative.

2) Lower blood pressure

Green tea can help lower blood pressure, according to a survey of data in 2014. The evidence for effect other health issues vary, with a lot of debate going on, but there is absolutely no evidence for harm – so you might as well take your chances to reap the potential benefits.

3) It’s cheap

You can buy pricier, higher brand tea but if you just want to give it a try there are plenty of affordable brands available. A bag of 40 tea bags will last you a long time, it’s good value for money. Cheaper green tea can contain more fluoride but personally I don’t see this as a big concern.

4) Taste

I’ve tried other herbal teas before, like raspberry leaf tea, but didn’t like them as much. If you’ve tried pure green tea before but didn’t like it, don’t worry, there is hope for you too! Green tea is often blended with honey, lemon and even jasmine to give it extra flavour.

5) Fight Allergies

Suffer hay fever no longer! A study found that green tea drinkers during a severe cedar pollen scattering period had less symptoms like itchy eyes. The study also used ginger extract in the tea to enhance the effect.

6) Skin care

Drinking green tea is good for your skin. It gives UV protection and some even say it can slow signs of ageing due to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Welcome wrinkles when they come – but you can still feel good about not hastening them!

You can take this even further with help from beauty guru Bubzbeauty. Pre-drunk or used green tea can be used as a natural exfoliator to brighten and soften the skin.

Some say it even helps fight acne, and I’m more than ready to leave pimples in the past…