How to drag yourself out of the dumps

How to drag yourself out of the dumps

Depression tips: We all get a little down in the dumps. And it gets old. Fast. But here are some tips to make things a little better for yourself, whether you’re just going through a rough patch or depression is blinking at you with sleepy eyes.

Embrace daylight

I know it sounds stupid but it’s amazing what opening the blinds and a window can do. It’s good to remind yourself that there’s life out there, even if you don’t feel totally sure about going to find it yet. Make sure you open your curtains/blinds/whatever every single day, especially if you’re spending a lot of time indoors. It gives you a reason to get out of bed (which if you’re feeling down can be a problem in itself) and you get to see all the pretties that nature has to offer.

Tell yourself you’re going to do something, and do it

Again, one of those things that can make the world of difference. Even if it’s something small, like ringing a friend or going to the shops for some milk. It means you have something to fill your time with and gives you a little achievement for the day. Another alternative is arranging to meet up with friends, it gets you out of the house. It’ll be a laugh and you can do whatever you want to, because your friends love you no matter what you feel like.

Make something

One of my favourites. There is something very satisfying about seeing something you made yourself. Making some yummy mook-style cakes, or getting out and doing a bit of gardening, is very reassuring, especially as there is very physical (and possibly tasty) proof of what you’ve done. Cakes also have the added bonus of being sweet… tasty.

Do something new

Learn to play a musical instrument, learn to draw, even watch a new TV programme. Finding something you’re passionate about can take time, but it’s a lot of fun in the meantime. Research something you’re already into, and see how many different things you can find that you didn’t know.

Pamper yourself

This one seems to go really well with going out or seeing friends, but I think it’s cool just to get all dressed up for yourself. Take a nice long bath. Play your favouritest songs. Get all dolled up and rock out!

Do something silly

I’ve had some beatiful times with this one. Put on whatever you want, play whatever you want, watch whatever you want and act like a kid for a while. Bang the hell out of the saucepans in the kitchen. Turn washing-up into a game involving rubber duckies and mountains of froth. Watch your favourite kids shows from when you were young. Eat whatever you loved as a child and just enjoy it. Sometimes it’s nice to forget being a grown-up.