Treatment and relief for migraine headaches

Treatment and relief for migraine headaches

Migraines: Ever had a sickening migraine headache where all you needed was a good place to lie down? In the dark? But couldn’t? So you just popped in some pills and waited…? These migraine treatments may also provide relief for those dreaded headaches.

Migraine symptoms

First off, a migraine is not just a really bad headache. It’s worse than that, Jim. Nobody is quite sure what causes a migraine but trial and error has come up with an array of cheap migraine treatments – both migraine cures and preventatives, because sometimes you can nip that pesky migraine in the bud.

Let’s have a look at migraine symptoms so you know what you’ve got is really a migraine headache, not just an escaped wild boar drumming on your skull with a hammer:

  • An intense throbbing pain, usually towards the front or side of the head
  • Migraine headaches last for 4-72 hours
  • Migraines can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and weird visual stuff
  • Migraines usually come with a warning signal that they’re about to happen called an ‘aura’. Unlike comsic auras, a migraine aura ain’t pretty. You might see flashing or zig-zag lines before your eyes. You might temporarily lose sight in one or both eyes, with visuals reducing to a pin prick. You might get pins and needles. You might get clumsy, or find it hard to speak, or extremely irritable. What fun a migraine aura can be.
  • A migraine headache is usually really severe and pretty much knocks you for six. It’s often felt on one side of the head.
  • You may get lots of gushing at both ends – migraine symptoms can include vomming and runny poo.
  • You may get very dehydrated due to increased need to wee and sweating.
  • Migraine symptoms often include sensitivity to bright lights and noise.

Treatment and relief for migraine headaches

Get a Massage.

A migraine the perfect excuse to get a massage – relieving the pain while also getting the perks of a relaxing rub. My friend, a migraine sufferer, reckons it’s because the built-up energy needs to be released. To start out, just try putting a little pressure on the needed spot. Add some oils too, if wanted. It helps. If the pain continues to move after, oh, let’s say ten minutes, then we know it’s sinus related.

Crystal/Stone therapy for migraines

Anyone seeking migraine relief is in so much pain they’ll try pretty much anythings. Using the Channeling or Healing Stone method could have the same effect as massage on a pain zone when you have a migraine headache. The crystal or stone aim to absorb the bad energy and emanate good energy. It’s worth a try. If you own crystals, find out more about

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