RSI Exercises

RSI Exercises

Mother says…

  • sit up straight on a decent chair
  • Hold your hands in a neutral position when you type so your wrists aren’t too below your fingers
  • Learn some keyboard shortcuts (eg control & C on Windows or apple & C on Mac is short for ‘copy’) so you don’t have to use the mouse too much, and you can also invest in a squishy gel wrist pad that keeps your hand in the right posish.

Take a break to relieve the strain of RSI

This is really hard advice to follow. If you’re blogging or chatting online regularly, you’ll be happy to spend a couple of hours on the puta with no rest. But a quick rest can make a real difference. You should probably take a tiny five minute break after every half hour. That’s why God invented BBL (‘be back later’).

Now wash your hands

If your hands are hurting a lot after a session, let them sit under the hot water tap for a few minutes. This will relax the muscles and get the blood flowing. It’s very soothing indeed.

RSI exercises for hands

1) Shake your hands loose in front of you.

2) Give them a little massage.

3) Put your hands in front of your face to form a sort of Biggles-style flying mask (like the piccy shows). This will stretch your fingers and forearms the opposite way and cancel out the position that has been making your hands and wrists sore.

4) Hold your hand palm-upward and pull it away from you. Do this on both hands a couple of times. Again, it cancels out the tension of holding your hands in one particular position.

5) Hold your hand in front of your chest so the palm of your right hand faces right (and vice versa if holding your left hand). Use your other hand to the palm and give the wrist a gentle twist. Repeat on both sides.

6) Hold your arm straight out in front of you so the right palm faces right (and vice versa). Clasp it with your other hand and pull it towards your chest, bending your elbow. Now use your other hand to gently twist the wrist upwards.