Vlog letter to those with depression who self harm

Vlog letter to those with depression who self harm

Ash was in hospital for two weeks with depression. She’s made this vlog to support others in similar situations and to share tips which have personally helped her.

TW: Reference to self harm in the form of cutting, with reference to working towards replacing it with other activities.

See a counsellor – someone who’s an expert in helping you with you depression.

Open up to your friends. If something is really getting you down, talk about it.

Get a memory jar – if you have a happy day or memory, or something that makes you happy, write about it and put it in a jar so that jar will fill up with happy memories. Reading the notes in your jar when you feel low might help improve your mood.

Your room’s atmosphere – nice smells in your room can create a calming atmosphere for you, helping to make your room or personal space feel safe.

A self-soothing box – This box of nice things works with different senses, like a music box, chocolate, pretty art to look at and something lovely to feel, like silk. It can help as a pick-me-up.

Animals and affection – If you have access to an animal, like a pet, it can really help as you can both share a safe bond.

Self harm replacements – You can work towards replacing self harm with a relatively harmless activity that still features intensity, like eating a hot chilli or dousing your head in a bucket of ice-water.

Not everyone will understand, and say things like “you’re too young to have depression” or “just be happy”. You may have to cut toxic people out of your life.

It’s worth saying again – open up to people. You deserve to be happy.