How to make voodoo dolls

voodoo doll

Crafting tiny string Voodoo dolls is terribly easy and satisfying. Even if you put them to no particular purpose. Fear not, we’ll talk you through the history of Voodoo dolls while we’re at it…

Before we get with the crafting, it’s nice to learn a little about voodoo dolls:

Although voodoo dolls have recently been taken as a pop culture toy, here’s some food for thought:

  • Voodoo dolls are actually a myth. The idea of dolls resembling people that can be used to manipulate victims through the use of pins and needles is a Hollywood phenomenon.
  • The idea of the Voodoo doll is the result of the European “poppet” used in witchcraft.
  • “Voodoo doll” was a phrase coined by an American writer who understood Voodoo as witchcraft.
  • Even if Voodoo dolls had been actually involved in Voodoo, the concept of using them to cause pain to someone is against the Voodoo moral code.
  • The only dolls used in Voodoo are the ones found on Voodoo altars which are meant to represent loas (gods or spirits of Voodoo).
  • Rado and Petro are the two divisions of Voodoo. Rado Voodoo: is depicted as a peaceable practice. Petro: is shown as a intimidating practice because it includes elements of Black Magic (ex. death curses and creating zombies). If you want to find out more about the Grands Personnes of Voodoo, you could do worse than learn about Mookychick Icon of the Week, Marie Laveau – the witch queen of New Orleans and undisputed high priestess of Voodoo.

What you will need to make string Voodoo dolls

* 1 ball of any sort of string, twine, yarn, or crochet thread (note: depending on the type of yarn the hot glue may not adhere as well as it would on another)

* Glue stick

* Hot glue gun

* Something for eyes (ex. old stud earrings, colourful pins, those tiny pom-poms for crafters)

* Any extra charms, fabric, or beads, for decoration purposes

Now for the assembly line:

1. For the head, roll your string into a small ball. I usually make it about the size of a giant gumball from those old style quarter candy machines, but if you want it different then go for it.

2. The body is next – also another small ball of yarn. I usually make it a bit smaller than the head because it gives it that cutesy little kid feel to me.

3. Finally, the limbs, they are also made of string. I start them off by wrapping the string around my index and my middle fingers (just to estimate a good limb length) then I wrap the string across to achieve the desired thickness of the limbs.

4. Glue the body together.

5. Decorate! I’ve used a lot of different materials for the eyes. I’ve given them capes, sewn little shirts for them, added hair. Do whatever maximizes that imagination of yours!

I have used them as Christmas ornaments, key chains, and more!

Voodoo dollVoodoo dollVoodoo dollVoodoo dollVoodoo doll