Elvish baby names

Elvish baby names

Researching unusual baby names? We’ll help you choose a unique, or at least unusual, or at least attractive baby name. Vampire baby names, elvish baby names, Wiccan baby names, Goth baby names… you name it. Be warned though. Like pets, naming a baby isn’t just for Christmas – it’s for life.

Elvish baby names

Elvish baby names for girls

Elvish baby names for boys

Yvette – an archer. (French/Norse)

Celeborn – silver tree (LOTR)

Radella – elfin advisor. (English)

Cirdan – shipwright (LOTR)

Oriel – angel of destiny. (French)

Haldir – tall one (LOTR)

Alala – the war cry. (Greek)

Lindir – good singer (LOTR)

Eirene – peace. (Greek)

Luthien (LOTR)


Aaron – light.


Arwen – noble maiden (LOTR)

Aidan – fiery.

Elanor – sunstar flower (LOTR)

Landion – broad.

Tinuviel – nightingale (LOTR)

Tegalad – bringing light.

Elvish baby names