Goth Halloween – pros and cons for those of the gothic persuasion

halloween witch pumpkin


Halloween is the best night of the year for ninety-nine point nine per cent of the goth population. But, like anything else, it has its pitfalls. Here are the pros and cons of Halloween – and how to make the most of your favourite event.

Pro: Halloween is an excellent time to decorate. You can pick up all kinds of ghoulish goodies at rock-bottom prices, and use them to furnish your bedroom or batcave. For those goths who like their Craft with a little ‘c’ as well as a big one, you can dabble in making wonderful creations like this Halloween wreath and these horror film Halloween windows (click the links for the mookesque tutorials).

Pro: You get to dress up even more than normal! Yay! (Even the really overdone costumes, like the ever-popular ‘normal person for one night a year’ outfit, are fun).

Pro: You can pick up great accessories really cheaply. Fishnet tights, spider web gloves, coffin jewellery… you name it.

Con: With all the cheap white foundation and black lipstick on the shelves at this time of year, you might be tempted to grab a bargain. That’s fine. But don’t substitute Halloween makeup for better quality stuff. OK, yes, it’s cheap. But it’s crap – full of chemicals, and it will clog your pores like nobody’s business. Unless you want to erupt in spots, keep Halloween makeup for Halloween.

Con: During the build-up to Halloween, people will incessantly ask you “great costume, where’d you get it?” when you’re meandering down the street in your usual daywear. They’re likely to be asking a genuine question rather than being rude. If you wish to, you can explain that it’s how you usually dress. If they’re being sarcastic, on the other hand… well, consider ignoring them and walking away. Whatever it takes to stay safe and stay in your zone.

If you’re not only a goth but a pagan and think of Halloween as Samhain, another pro is that you get to celebrate the Day of the Dead in your own, very personal style. Try these Samhain rituals, or consider inviting your dearest and darkest ones to a Day of the Dead feast.