Hot new exercise trend: Get the purrrfect(!) body

Hot new exercise trend: Get the purrrfect(!) body

This musical exercise workout will give you the ultimate, purrrfect body…

Step One

You need music to inspire your groovy moves. Dancing is fun and gets you fit – fast. Head over to Youtube and find the perfect track: we recommend ‘Everybody Wants To Be A Cat’ from Disney’s Aristocats.

Step Two

Get yourself some workout clothes. You want to be comfy whilst you work for that body. Pyjamas make great workout clothes. This season’s top look? A lovely fluffy onesie. Pick one with ears and a tail for extra adorkableness!

Step Three

Just dance. Listen to the lyrics and move to them, letting the words pick your moves. Whenever you hear the word ‘cat’, raise your hands like cute little ears. Mime the instruments you hear. Jump and tap your feet to the beat. Just keep moving to the music…

Step Four

For a cool-down exercise, get on your hands and knees. Arch your back and breathe in. Roll onto it as you purr out.

Step Six

Congratulations; your exertions have given you the ideal body you’ve been hunting for! You are soft and fluffy, with ears and a tail.

You are, in fact, a cat.