Unusual baby names

unusual baby names

Researching unusual baby names? We’ll help you choose a unique, or at least unusual, or at least attractive baby name. Vampire baby names, elvish baby names, Wiccan baby names, Goth baby names… you name it. Be warned though. Like pets, naming a baby isn’t just for Christmas – it’s for life.

Trying to pick a baby name can be one of the trickiest bits of pregnancy. From worrying about whether the initials will make some hideous word that bullies will instantly spot to trying not to automatically think of the spotty boy at the back of your class every time your other half suggests his name.

Research baby names, but not too much.

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of books about baby names. Essentially they’re all the same. If you’re buying, try and buy one with the largest quantity of baby names. However, if you can resist the temptation to go crazy with a highlighter then borrowing baby name books from the library is by far and away the best option. They aren’t books you’re likely to use on a regular basis, unless you’re planning on becoming the 21st Century’s answer to the Von Trapps.

Extra unusual baby names coming up!

And now, here are some unusual baby names. Mookychick has tried to find some elvish baby names, vampire baby names, gothic baby names, celtic baby names, vampire baby names, pagan baby names and wiccan baby names for you. You might like them – you might hate them – but where possible we’ve supplied the meanings, so you can think about them.

The very best baby name will be the one you choose yourself!

Elvish baby names for girls and boys

Yvette – an archer. (French/Norse)

Celeborn – silver tree (LOTR)

Radella – elfin advisor. (English)

Cirdan – shipwright (LOTR)

Oriel – angel of destiny. (French)

Haldir – tall one (LOTR)

Alala – the war cry. (Greek)

Lindir – good singer (LOTR)

Eirene – peace. (Greek)

Luthien (LOTR)


Aaron – light.


Arwen – noble maiden (LOTR)

Aidan – fiery.

Elanor – sunstar flower (LOTR)

Landion – broad.

Tinuviel – nightingale (LOTR)

Tegalad – bringing light.

Vampire / Gothic baby names for girls and boys




Devin – a poet.

Lenore (Edgar Allan Poe)


Mara – female wraith (Scandinavia)

Gabriel -angel of death.

Nimue – Arthurian sorceress.

Malik -angel of hell in Koran.

Lily – traditional funeral flower.

Oleander – beautiful but poisonous flower.

Cordelia – Shakespeare.

Spike – duh.


Tristan – tragic hero

Lucinda – bringer of light. (Latin. Like Lucifer.)

Vesper -Catholic morning prayer.




Soul (most people hear ‘Saul’)



Popular baby names

The internet is a fantastic resource for searching for unique or unusual baby names; if you’re concerned about picking a name that might be a bit too popular there are lists and charts showing you how popular different baby names are.

The disadvantage of the internet is that often the name sites will have message boards with feedback on names, or people listing all their most hated names. Not much of a problem most of the time. However, when you’re eight months pregnant and feeling a bit emotional, discovering that complete strangers think your favourite Wiccan baby name is either “soooo old-fashioned, I wouldn’t name my dog that” or “OMG total mingin 4 seriuz” can be quite upsetting.

Comedy baby names

A lot of people spend time worrying whether their baby’s name is going to be ripe for playground taunts.

It’s probably kindest to avoid any really obvious targets like Michael Hunt, on the grounds that your baby would be almost certain to want to shorten his name to Mike, which would spell something even worse than ‘Disaster’.

The good news is that there’s a fair chance that all the things you’re worrying about won’t be the things that children think of – they’ll probably come up with something much meaner instead.

No baby name is truly bully-proof, so you might as well choose one you like the sound of and you think your child will enjoy.

Unusual baby names – should you?

If your taste in baby names runs to the more unusual, or indeed exotic (and what constitutes an unusual baby name is going to depend on where and how you live) there’s every chance you’ll get asked why on earth you chose that name.

People’s responses to unusual baby names vary from open-mouthed stares to laughter – when the correct response should be delight and fascination.

The rudest responses will generally come from people you know rather than from complete strangers. It might take longer for people to get used to you naming your child Bathsheba rather than Kelly, but they will.

Be aware, though, that people will ask you questions, and you will be remembered. If you live in a small town, be prepared to become “the girl with that little boy with a funny name”.

Think of it though as sneakily expanding other people’s knowledge of the world without them knowing.