Wiccan and Pagan baby names

Wiccan and Pagan baby names

Researching unusual baby names? We’ll help you choose a unique, or at least unusual, or at least attractive baby name. Vampire baby names, elvish baby names, Wiccan baby names, Goth baby names… you name it. Be warned though. Like pets, naming a baby isn’t just for Christmas – it’s for life.

Celtic, Wiccan and Pagan baby names

Pagan baby names for girls

Pagan baby names for boys

Selena (moon)

Jack (Jack Frost, Jack of the Green)

Eris (chaos)

Robin (Robin Goodfellow)

Cherry (or anything related to nature)

Annan – from the stream.

Candra (moon)

Anyon – an anvil.

Tala – wolf. (Native American)

Art – a rock.

Tivona – lover of nature. (Hebrew)

Camlin – crooked line.

Kishi – night. (Native-American)

Conall – as strong as a wolf.

Neona – new moon. (Greek)

Kai – sea.

Rhiannon – Witch-Nymph-Goddess.

Kearney – the warrior.

Aurora (dawn)

Farrell – the valorous one

Clio – muse of poetry and history (Greek)

Weylin – son of the wolf.

Devi – goddess (Hindi)

Brice (Celtic)




Bevin – young soldier.

Farrell – brave.

Galvyn – sparrow.

Celtic / Irish / Wiccan baby names