Asylum – Poem by Kristin Garth

asylum poem flower

TW needlephobia, incarceration


A stick so slick, a pushed up sleeve, they hold

me down until he makes them leave — child

collected, caged, sixteen, a stranglehold

syringe in veins pristine.  My breath so wild

is slowed, restrained.  He looms so close.  His wink

nefarious as thoughts contained.  He waits

so patient ‘til I’m deep, a maniac

so handsome, half asleep.  He medicates

my will away.  A haze of him my dreams

replay.  Not doctor, now, but Eminence,

whose tax is tears, remittance muffled screams,

your Thorazine kiss, chemical prince.

A bed with straps, wide, windows clear,

sedated kiss you steal another year.