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anime cosplay conventions princess serenity

UK and Ireland cosplay, comic and anime conventions in 2018

Post Apocalyptic Clothing With Rad Roach Gear

Post Apocalyptic Clothing With Rad Roach Gear

Sailor Moon

6 Sailor Moon Life Lessons We Can All Learn From

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UK comic conventions and anime conventions in 2017

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3 lessons in feminism from my first big anime con

Steampunk Batgirl cosplay costume

Jema Hewitt’s Steampunk Batgirl cosplay made her nephew’s first-ever Comic Con epic

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Cosplay Corner: Starfire from Teen Titans

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Cosplay corner: Lum

Cosplay maleficent

Cosplay Corner: Maleficent

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Cosplay convention etiquette at anime conventions

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Japanese circle lens – A visual trick for anime cosplayers

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Anime convention tips