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She's No Mary Sue: Victim Blaming Cinderella

She’s No Mary Sue: Victim Blaming Cinderella

On feminist icons, let's start with Disney's Ursula

On feminist icons, let’s start with Disney’s Ursula

Joan of Arc Sacrificial Virgin

Poetry by Kristin Garth: Sacrificial Virgin

Amanda Lear album

Amanda Lear

Halo Jones

Halo Jones – a Feminist Comics Icon Who Went Out and Did Everything

la maupin

La Maupin – feminist icon and total badass

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo – Feminist icon

queen christina of sweden

Queen Christina of Sweden, feminist icon

Feminist Icons | Rita Borsellino

Feminist Icons | Rita Borsellino

Rose Tyler Doctor Who

Rose Tyler, We Love You

Sarah Bernhardt - Feminist icon

Sarah Bernhardt – Feminist icon

Feminist icon: Tank Girl

Feminist icon: Tank Girl