How Caitlyn Jenner broke the media

As if it's not hard enough being trans, Caitlyn Jenner has taken some hard media hits since Vanity Fair.


10 Lesbian Films Every Queer Woman Needs to Watch

Here are 10 of the world’s must-watch queer and lesbian films. Have you seen them all?



What does the ‘A’ in LGBTQIA+ really stand for? (Clue: Sorry, allies, but it's not you!)

billy-tipton-musician women who lived as men

Trans Men of History

Trans men have been common in history, but rarely documented.


Transgender beauty queen fights for beauty pageants rule change

Transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova is fighting for a rule change to beauty pageants...

Bi the Way... Someone Who Says They Are Bi Means It

Bi the Way… Someone Who Says They Are Bi Means It

If a bi person says they are bi, let us treat them as such. Not gay or LGBT, but bi. …

Exploring Bi... A Teenage Personal Experience

Exploring Bi… A Teenage Personal Experience

A teenage mook speaks of her experiences of exploring her sexuality, what kind of reaction she received at school and …

Equal Marriage Bill... UK Votes Yes in 2013

Equal Marriage Bill… UK Votes Yes in 2013

UK MPs vote massively in favour of equal marriage, and we can all rejoice. The world feels good again!

Tomboy femme

Tomboy femme

Tomboy femme - how it differs from tomboy chic. Tomboy femmes are more focused on behaviour than tomboy style...

A brief history of drag kings in the UK

A brief history of drag kings in the UK

With lots of great photos, yes! Lada Gaga stepping out as Joe Calderone was the tip of the iceberg. We …

Lesbian poet - Rachel Jury

Lesbian poet – Rachel Jury

Read our interview with LGBT poet Rachel Jury

Growing Up Trans... The Inbetweeners of Society

Growing Up Trans… The Inbetweeners of Society

A longstanding mook interviews her transgender boyfriend about the social pressures of transition. Gender is not just binary.



Calling all Graces and Aces: Do you prefer cake to coitus? Here's a mini-mini-guide to asexuality.

Equal Marriage and Poor Arguments from the LGBTQ side

Equal Marriage and Poor Arguments from the LGBTQ side

Are queer writers and activists who argue for equal marriage by attacking others like turkeys voting for Christmas?