love breakup

Life lessons I learned from a break up

5 Life lessons learned from a relationship P.S. Malcolm doesn't regret (the magic of love!) but won't repeat (unhealthy choices).

women in games jobs conference 2015

1 in 5 people working in the UK games industry are women

Survey reveals 1 in 5 people in the UK games industry are women (compared to approx 1 in 7 in 2009), and 1 in 25 are BAME.

confidence vs courage

Sometimes it’s not confidence, it’s courage.

Confidence vs courage - what's the difference? It took courage for Rosie to do a TEDx talk, and courage is a challenge for us all.

small steps depression flash fiction

Small steps #flashfiction

With depression, small steps matter. Tessa is taking small steps in this flash fiction by Anjulie Pickett.

we love each other always now

We love each other always now

Leah's grandma Ivy would felt-tip random messages in magazines. Ivy and grandpa Ernie died within days of each other, together till the end...

women I don't care feminist poem

Women, I don’t care

Get your feminist buzz on with Corrie Burton's poemifesto. It cares.


Short Story: A New Life

When you're going through change, the world between Before and After is a scary place...


Why I Want to Be a Mermaid

Everyone has wanted to be a mermaid. One girl never gave up her dream. Okay, she may still not BE a mermaid, but...


The unbearable lightness of being a pizza

12 heartfelt reasons why sad pizzas feel sad and cry bitter caper tears. Much woe.


The Mid-Week Shop

Poem about shopping basket judgment anxiety by Emmi Miller.


Have you over-shared on social media?

From scam shares to annoying shares to hate shares... how to enjoy social media Snopes-style.


A History

"A war for your children, they’re heroes as well..." a history poem by Emmi Miller


The perfect mooky mobile would be…

What does the perfect mobile phone look like? Apart from brand and fancy bits, we mean?


My mother checks the weather before she leaves

"If I go out, I must leave a note, just in case..." winning FEMFLASH 2013 entry by C Goodwin