The unbearable lightness of being a pizza

12 heartfelt reasons why sad pizzas feel sad and cry bitter caper tears. Much woe.

Love and Life

The Mid-Week Shop

Poem about shopping basket judgment anxiety by Emmi Miller.

Your Fiction

Have you over-shared on social media?

From scam shares to annoying shares to hate shares... how to enjoy social media Snopes-style.


A History

"A war for your children, they’re heroes as well..." a history poem by Emmi Miller


The perfect mooky mobile would be…

What does the perfect mobile phone look like? Apart from brand and fancy bits, we mean?


My mother checks the weather before she leaves

"If I go out, I must leave a note, just in case..." winning FEMFLASH 2013 entry by C Goodwin


The Trees

"Earth is going to die and I know when. The trees told me..." A short story by Molly Flynn


Papercrafting in the Dark

"Fold me into you like origami..." a poem by Jase Male


The First Flower

"The first flower to bloom..." a poem by Charlotte Radford

I Now Pronounce You... Yourselves

I Now Pronounce You… Yourselves

Emmi says it's time for her to stop worrying about the wow factor of an alternative wedding


A Song of Adult Humour and Child Suitability

You know, that thing where adults use kids to carry out their adult humour messages...


Why Youtubers aren’t the worst teen role models ever

After all, it's very reassuring to see a teen being honest and so comfortable with themselves...


Wait, what even IS the female version of avuncular?

Avuncular basically means 'like an uncle', and if it was a job you'd do it for free. But what if …


Desserts at the Metaphor Cafe!

What's your flavour? When we talk about 'vanilla' we don't mean ice-cream...