Mental Health

meditation negative patterns

How Meditation As A Solitary Practice Helped Me Move On Through

call for submissions regret

Call for Personal Essay Submissions: Learning from Regret

holiday anxiety

What It’s Like to Deal with Social Anxiety During the Holidays

Bonnie Raitt

The Transformative Power of Lyrics – And Emotionally Resonating Favourites from 2018

criticism mental health strength

Ways To Take Criticism While Dealing With Mental Health Struggles

new year resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions – Finding Your Feet in the Season of Change

SAD season short story

Witch’s Chiaroscuro – SAD Season Short Fiction by Nadia Gerassimenko

workplace anxiety high achievers

Read This If You’re a High Achiever with Workplace Anxiety

guilt grief

Loss is not your fault – the role that guilt plays in grief

mental health workplace

Mental Health and Jobs: Seeking Help, Understanding Your Rights, and Knowing When to Leave

mental health water

Mental Health And Its Fluid Relationship With Water…

anxiety panic attack ME mean reds

Panic Attacks, Holly Golightly’s Mean Reds and M.E.

Mental health is important – because you matter. Managing and looking after your wellbeing is a vital process for everyone, especially if you live with a mental health condition or you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, depression or any other aspect of emotional health. All the advice and support on these pages is written by people with lived experience of what they describe. We may be online, but we can still act as a mutual support group for each other. When it comes to looking after your mental health as well as your physical health, kindness and courage matter.

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