Mental Health

Sinead O Connor

Bipolar & Mental Health – These Reactions to Sinead O’Connor’s Video Diary Hurt Not Help

surviving trauma

Why Struggling With Trauma Doesn’t Make You Weak

Mental Health matters all year round

Your Mental Health Matters All Year Round

emotionally abusive relationship

Recognising An Emotionally Abusive Relationship Took Time

SAD winter blues

9 Ways I Beat The Winter Blues – Because SAD Sucks

mental health crisis help

Where to go when you’re having a mental health crisis

Finding happiness as a millenial when the world seems to hate us

Finding happiness as a millenial when the world seems to hate us

gendering adhd in women

Gendering ADHD – the mental illness undetected in women

everything you ever needed to know about ocd

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About OCD

mental illness

A Story of Mental Illness, Self-Medicating and Getting Right

coping with depression

6 everyday ways to help us cope with depression

mental health therapy myths

3 ancient myths about getting therapy we all need to rethink

Mental health is important – because you matter. Managing and looking after your wellbeing is a vital process for everyone, especially if you live with a mental health condition or you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, depression or any other aspect of emotional health. All the advice and support on these pages is written by people with lived experience of what they describe. We may be online, but we can still act as a mutual support group for each other. When it comes to looking after your mental health as well as your physical health, kindness and courage matter.