The Transformative Power of Lyrics – And Emotionally Resonating Favourites from 2018

Bonnie Raitt

As frightening as it may be, we have closed the doors on the old year and diving headfirst into the new one.  Whilst some might be pleased to see the back end of this year, others are equally as fearful about what horrors 2019 may leave on their doorstep. Nonetheless, throughout the turmoil that the last 12 months have offered us, it is vital to seek out ways to alleviate personal pressure at a stressful time of the year.

Personally, as I have mentioned in many pieces here on Mookychick, music is pivotal for me with regards to my emotional wellbeing. Music is unique in that it’s a universal language – the sculpting and crafting of a musician’s most intimate considerations leads to a beautifully expressive quality that appears to be unparalleled in many other art forms.

Music – lyrics in particular – have a way of highlighting both hidden and alternative perspectives on the world, illuminating not only the lyricist’s outlook but allowing us to develop our own.

As the gates to 2019 open, I have selected a few of the most pertinent lyrics in my personal history of 2018. Hopefully, you will find some relief and hope in these beautiful examples of artistic expression!

I Can’t Make You Love Me – Bonnie Raitt

I’ll close my eyes, then I won’t see / The love you don’t feel when you’re holding me

This has to be one of the most heart-breaking songs I have listened to. The pain with which Raitt sings is moving to say the least, playing to the emotive rollercoaster we have surely all jumped on this year.

Death with Dignity – Sufjan Stevens

Your apparition passes through me in the willows / Five red hens – you’ll never see us again / You’ll never see us again

This song is filled to the brim with spirituality. This song reminds me of spending the tail end of summer in Islington, at the turn of the seasons. Perhaps you will also find some spiritual consolation in Sufjan Stevens’ music.

Best Friend – Rex Orange County

I should’ve stayed at home / ‘Cause right now I see all these people that love me / But I still feel alone / Can’t help but check my phone

Despite its upbeat, fun-loving beat, Rex Orange County’s lyrics are peppered with sentiment. The opening to ‘Best Friend’ has me both dancing and weeping, simultaneously.

I pray that some of these lyrics have resonated with you, or offer some insight into how you can grasp 2019 with both hands.