3 Online courses in ancient magic, Wicca and hedgewitchery

online witchcraft course

It turns out Findcourses.co.uk isn’t just for vocational coursess. We found 3 accredited online courses to grow your knowledge of witchcraft, too. Of course, you could do them vocationally as well as for personal development. There’s nothing to stop you from becoming a professional witch, if that feels like your kind of path.

Whether you’ve been studying the craft for years or are relatively new to it, the beauty of witchcraft is that there’s always more to learn, whether that’s ancient lore and ritual or simply new ways to develop and expand your body of knowledge.

online witchcraft course

Ancient Magic Diploma

Focus on: elemental magic, Celtic magic, ancient herbal magic and cloudcasting.

From wearing makeup, braiding your hair, making soap, or creating candles; ancient magic is already a part of you. The Ancient Magic Diploma will help you discover how much of your daily life comes from traditions and beliefs passed down through the generations, and how to perform your own ceremonies, rituals and spells.

This IAHT certified diploma begins by introducing you to the history of the practice, from roughly the 2nd Century BCE to 1324AD, and three important icons of Ancient Magic – Medusa, The Witch of Endor and Petronella de Meath. From there you’ll explore the ancient magic of the Picts and Celts, learn spells, ancient herbal lore and the art of cloud casting as a form of divination.

Spells and takeaways:

  • Discover the 12 major stones used in ancient magic, the magical uses for crystals, and the importance of certain times of the year
  • Learn some of the recipes, magical uses, and medicinal properties of hawthorne, sage, and chamomile, herbs that were considered to be sacred by our ancient ancestors
  • Uncover the 3 most important deities in ancient magic and how to use spells and charms
  • How to perform Name Blessing, Handfasting and Funeral ceremonies
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of air in ancient magic
  • How to make candles using varying materials depending on their magical purpose.
  • Cloud casting: learn about the 10 most important clouds and how their formations hold the answers to our innermost questions

online witchcraft course

Advanced Wicca Diploma

Focus on: Deepening your knowledge of Wicca, how to create and work in your sacred space and how to harness the elements and make your spells more potent.

If have a pre-existing foundational knowledge of Wicca and would like to understand more about the practice, this Advanced Wicca Diploma helps you delve deeper into the magical arts.

You will become immersed in ways to strengthen your spells and learn powerful new spells and techniques that will take you beyond this realm, recover your ailments and give you access to spiritual guidance. You’ll also discover how to craft your own spells and grant your heart’s desires. As well as how to create and work within your sacred space, understand the energies that you work with, and harness the power of the elements and the moon in your spells.

Spells and takeaways:

  • Advanced love spells and how to tap into your magnetic force
  • Money spells and how they work with the law of attraction
  • Harness cosmic light and use chakras to further aid the healing process
  • Use the Full Moon spell to effectuate change in your life and practice astral projection
  • How to create and make contact with your Watcher to aid you in certain tasks
  • Broaden your knowledge into divination, with the following all covered in the course: tarot cards, Norse runes, reading tea leaves, scrying, pendulum magic, automatic writing, and numerology

online witchcraft course

Hedgewitchery Diploma

Focus on: how hedge witches use meditation, how the Earth and stars are central in determining your path and how to connect spiritually with nature.

Hedgewitchery is not just for ceremonial or special occasions, it is an everyday occurrence, a magic that is already a part of you, though you may not have realised it. The Hedgewitchery Diploma reveals the truths, common beliefs and spirituality of the practice, along with the festivals included in the hedgewitch calendar, how hedgewitches work with elementals and how you can follow the craft yourself.

You’ll discover examples of the practices and beliefs that a hedgewitch may follow, including a daily ritual, the keeping of a Grimoire or Book of Shadows, and the basic correspondences, sacred herbs and forms of divination used.

Spells and takeaways:

  • Learn how central the Earth, stars and nature are in determining the path of a hedgewitch and how they honour the full moon and celebrate the Equinoxes
  • learn about the various festivals of nature that hedgewitches partake in and the recipes and magical practices that accompany these
  • Learn how to make and use potent spells and potions in each season
  • Learn about the importance of having a spiritual connection to nature and how to encourage contact with fae, woodland and forest energies and beings of pure light.