8 Witchy YouTubers Every Witchcraft Enthusiast Should Check out

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Where do you go when you’ve read all the witchy books and listened to all the witchy podcasts? On YouTube, of course.

There are some great channels out there for people interested in learning more about witchcraft or following the daily antics of a practising witch. Here are some witchy YouTubers I personally adore. If you live on YouTube and breathe witchcraft, these are 8 witchy YouTubers you should know about.

1. Harmony Nice

Harmony Nice was the first person to introduce me to the world of YouTube witches, and I haven’t looked back since. My favorite videos of hers are the vegan mukbangs in which she chats about her life as a Wiccan, but I also thoroughly enjoy her Enchanted Endeavors series and her paranormal stories.

She’s quite active on Instagram as well, and integrates makeup tutorials and OOTD’s in her YouTube channel, which is great if you’re after that instagrammable aesthetic. Her candid chats about mental health, weight, body positivity, and confidence bring a realness to her channel that could win anyone over.

YouTube Channel: Harmony Nice

2. Akasha Wolf

From live crafty and chatty videos to witchy unboxings and videos dedicated to beginner witches, Akasha Wolf has a little bit for everyone. She doesn’t post regularly, but if you’re not familiar with her channel, you have plenty of videos to catch up on until she does.

If you’re curious to know how an altar looks or you want to get more into tarot, Akasha is your girl. She also does some paranormal videos and storytimes, and she advocates following your own path when it comes to witchcraft. Talk about a role model!

YouTube Channel: Akasha Wolf

3. Amethyst

More into spells than paranormal videos? Then hop on over to Amethyst’s channel! You’ll find things like Safe Travels Charm Spells and Moonstone Travel Spells. What first drew me to her channel were her witchy book hauls, since one of the things I want to do more often is read witchcraft books.

She’s also a Harry Potter fan, so I was bound to love her. She talks about all the witchy things she buys, she regularly chats with her viewers, she dabbles in tarot from time to time, and she celebrates Yulemas with a variety of videos.

YouTube Channel: Amethyst

4. Molly Roberts

Magick enthusiasts, gather round! The colorful and spirited Molly Roberts is going to teach you all about modern magic by sharing her own journey. Do you want to set up your own spring altar and don’t know how? You’ll find the information on her channel. What about love spells? Do you know any? She can teach you.

On Molly’s channel, you’ll find a variety of magic-related topics, which is what makes it so cool and versatile. Plus, her personality is absolutely adorable, and you’ll feel like you’ve known her for ages.

YouTube Channel: Molly Roberts

5. Jessi Huntenburg

As her channel’s tagline suggests, a lot of the content Jessi puts out has to do with tarot. More specifically, tarot readings corresponding to the full and new moon. But that’s not all you’ll get to see from her. She also chats about books, has rambly videos in which she discusses random witchy and spiritual topics, and shares some of her personal life as a mother.

She has a warm personality and a very pleasant and soothing voice, and as long as you don’t fall asleep while listening to her (ASMR much?), I guarantee you’ll enjoy her content. Bonus: her F-bombs are refreshing.

YouTube Channel: Jessi Huntenburg

6. New Age Hipster

Looking to buy your first tarot deck? Vix from New Age Hipster has some lovely tarot deck unboxings and reviews to help you out. Not only does she review decks but she also uses them in fascinating monthly readings. She regularly chats about her current faves as well, from decks and crystals to books.

Recently, she posted the first installment of a consciously living vlog featuring a vegan haul, and I don’t know about you, but I love it when the creators I watch also share more of their personal life, especially when it comes to topics like healthy and ethical living.

YouTube Channel: New Age Hipster

7. Imogen Walters

Speaking of non-ASMR YouTubers who give me tingles, Imogen is another calming soul whose videos I love watching not just for the content, but for the format and the message as well. While she still does tarot and oracle unboxings, what I enjoy watching most on her channel is her spiritual chats. She approaches extremely interesting topics in a unique way.

She also shares tips on how to make yourself feel better, addresses dreams and trauma, and chats about books, the tarot community, and many more topics related to the human experience. Even someone who is not that into witchcraft can watch her videos and enjoy them.

YouTube Channel: Imogen Walters

8. The White Witch Parlour

If one of your favorite things about witchcraft is the esthetics (no judgement), you’ll love The White Witch Parlour’s videos. She takes incredible photos and videos of her witchy collection, and they complement her content very nicely. But of course, the imagery just scratches the surface of what this channel is all about.

The White Witch talks about different plants (such as cornflower or lavender) and their magic, delves into the magic of crystals, and teaches you neat things like how to do a spiritual house clearing. Tip: her Q&A’s are particularly lovely and are entitled Tea Time with the White Witch. How cute is that?

YouTube Channel: The White Witch Parlour

Do you follow any of these witchy YouTubers?

Would you like to, now that I’ve told you about them? I sure hope so! Let’s chat about other witchy YouTubers you might know that are not on this list – tweet me at @andreeaa_voicu