Add barefoot magick to your spellcraft in 5 powerful ways

barefoot magick


Spellcraft and grounding – add a new dimension to your witchwork with barefoot magick. Decorate your feet, mark magic circles with footprints and much more…

We often talk of ‘grounding’ in practical magic and spellworking. So why not perform magic with your feet? From foot decoration and dance to root chakra rituals, here are ways to add barefoot magick to your spellwork!

When summer’s around, it’s time to drag your neglected feet out of hibernation and into the light. The feet are our way of connecting with the Earth and all its energy, yet we pay them so little attention. There’s no feeling quite like treading soft grass, mud between the toes and sand shifting under your weight. So kick off your shoes and make your own magick.

Ritual cleansing of the feet

After being hidden away in boots, a cleansing would be good preparation. Before starting your spellwork, perform a cleansing by showering or ritual bathing. Visualise any negative energy swirling down the drain with the water. It may help to visualise the negativity as dark in colour and watching as the water returns to clear. Pay special attention to your feet and nails . Scrub away the psychic dirt on your feet. After drying yourself, you can concentrate on adding positive energy to your body as you rub in a layer of moisuriser.

Include foot decoration in your spellcraft

Painting your nails is an easy way to include your feet in your spellcraft. Choose a colour to match your intention, e.g. blue for healing. If you’re particularly steady-handed, you can paint symbols onto your nails too.

Jewellery like toe-rings and anklets can add to your magic. They may already feature symbols like moons or hearts – but if not, use the material of the jewellery to indicate its symbolism.

  • Silver = pyschic work and the moon
  • Gold = courage, strength and the sun
  • Copper = Venus and love.

Think of footprints as containing your personal energy

Footprints are the marks you make as you tread the earth, and they contain personal energy.

In Voudoun magick, a pinch of dirt from a person’s footprint could be used to affect a spell on them as effectively as fingernail clippings or hair.

Footprints are a very visual way to mark boundaries such as the perimeter of your home or the edges of a magic circle.

Feet can be used in any spells for travel and sensuality, as they represent these things strongly!

Connecting the Foot Chakra

Opening the root chakra alone will give you a grounded feeling, so this exercise is useful for anyone feeling light-headed or who has trouble managing their daydreaming. It’s a way to get in touch with a sense of stability and being in the moment.

The Chakras act as gates to allow energy in and out of the body. The foot chakra is usually neglected, but opening the foot chakra allows us to absorb energy directly from the Earth. This chakra’s corresponding colour is brown, if you like to use colour in your spiritual activities and witchwork.

You can picture the chakras in many ways, including a closed lotus flower or spinning wheel. Unlike the other chakras, the foot chakra is split in two; half in one foot, half in the other.

How to connect the foot chakra

Stand barefoot on the ground (grass or soil is best) with your feet a shoulder-width apart.

Visualise sending roots out from your feet deep into the Earth. This may take a few minutes, and then…

You’ll feel a sense of being ‘plugged in’ when you have acheived this connection.

When you’re ready, begin to ‘suck’ energy from the earth. Visualise it travelling slowly up the earth’s roots and into your feet. When you reach the root chakra, visualise how the energy entering causes it to open like a lotus.

If you’re familiar with the chakra system you may want to proceed with sending energy upwards to the other chakras.

You can use this energy for magick work, or just spend some time in this state. It’s a good place to be. When you’re finished, close the chakra by visualising the lotus closing and then send the energy back down through the roots into the Earth. Next, withdraw the roots from your feet, back into the earth. Take your time until you feel they have been completely retracted.

Dance. Beat your own rhythm on the earth

Dance is an enjoyable way to raise power. Dance to the beat of drums or use your feet to beat your own rhythm on the earth. Simple dances like the Spiral dance are an easy way for a group to move together without difficult moves to learn. Improvising on your own, however, is a very freeing way to express yourself. Even skipping around a faery ring (a ring of mushrooms reportedly caused by the presence of faeries) is incorporating dance into your magick.

Note: Before walking anywhere barefoot, check the area for broken glass or anything that could damage your feet. We had to end this on a grounding note 😉