Why You Need a Witchy Friend in Your Life

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Because everyone needs a witchy friend to have their back.

Though the world would be a wonderfully magical place if everyone were a witch, filling the planet with spellcraft, witch familiars, faith, and magical practice, it’s not. There are many who don’t know the difference between wicca and paganism, or the roles they play in being a witch. Many of us believe anybody can be a witch, but not everyone has the capabilities to become one, and that’s okay.

Though not everyone needs to be a witch, everyone’s lives would be eternally better off having a witchy companion in their lives.

Not only can witches be some of the most loyal of friends, such as lava, shallow sea, and deep sea witches, but they can bring some otherworldly experiences into your life.

Confidence Is Never a Bad Thing

Not giving a flying broomstick about what others think and making others nervous are common traits of witches. They are constantly underestimated by others and are tired of it. Building confidence is a daily ritual for them, and this will translate into your friendship.

Not only will your witch friends tell you what they really think, their confidence will rub off on you in more than one way. Maybe you will learn to be more confident simply by spending time with them and picking up on their self-assuring habits, or they will teach you confidence by helping you develop self-affirmation.

They might even help you with a self-esteem spell to boost your confidence.

Lending Some Magical Insight

Magic requires focus: paying attention to how things are, not how things appear to be. This makes your witchy friend the perfect person to turn to for advice and perspective. You can go to them knowing that you will get an answer that is honest and well thought out.

Of course, maintaining a strong friendship with a witch requires open-mindedness to begin with; this alone shows that  keeping an open-mind and positive attitude makes all the difference in your life. Your witchy friend can make you aware about the energy you put out to others, and the environmental energy you create for yourself.

They can help you cleanse your home and build positive energy, and surround yourself with uplifting settings. Not only does that translate into feeling whole as a person, but it also translates into success in your career by discouraging negativity in your life and in the workplace.

Exploring the Outside World

The natural world is the base of Wiccan spirituality. Your enchanting companion can take you with them on their alfresco adventures where they are not only likely to know the best camping spot with a view of the moon and stars at night, but they might even have a natural brew for keeping bugs at bay.

They can also lead you to experience your city in a way you never have before by taking you on psychogeography walks. You can go on a gentle walk and let intuition and spontaneity lead the way. You might discover entirely new places or find a new lens to frame a familiar area on these trips.

Once again, your companionship with a witch can help bring balance to your life. You will get practice following your instincts, which will help you feel more assertive in your decisions. Also, by spending some time exercising in nature, you can prevent occupational burnout.

Bringing the Healing Touch Into Your Life

Your witchy friend can do more than get you outside with their intimate relationship with nature; there’s a reason healing women used to be hung as witches. Much of our modern medicine is inspired by natural remedies, and your witchy friend will likely be able to suggest natural remedies for hormonal imbalances or soothing a harsh sunburn.

They can also share with you a self-healing spell and other earthly concoctions that will help improve your health. Just don’t expect her to do a bunch of research and emotional labor for free!

You should never discriminate against anyone on behalf of their beliefs or interests, nor should you come into any sort of relationship thinking about how the other person can benefit your life.  However, when you find you have formed a friendship with a witch, you will realize it is one of the best decisions you ever made.