What to do in a power cut – tips for survival and boredom

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Read our tips on what to do in a power cut, with advice for surviving darkness AND boredom.

There’s nothing like a good old power cut to remind you just how dependent on technology you really are. How do you survive after the exciting first hour (“Look! If I put a torch under my face, hilarious faces ensue!”)? Let me ‘illuminate’ you…

1. Daylight is your friend.

Remember that stuff? Put your nocturnal student sleeping patterns behind you and get up as early as you can bear it. It’ll give you time to hunt down candles, flashlights, batteries that work and that elusive deck of cards that you know you have somewhere.

Also, aim to travel in the daytime as much as you can. I decided I would be fine walking home at 10pm (not late by my normal standards) but drivers act like douches when there are no street lights, no crossing lights and no traffic lights. Also, pitch black nights can bring out some nasty characters. Be safe Mookies! We love you too much! If you go out at night, take a torch and a friend.

2. Learn to get on with your family.

Shockingly enough, it’s possible to get on with your folks when the power’s out. The only time my entire family have managed to get through a full game of Monopoly was when the electricity died.

Make like a turn-of-the-century family and play parlour games or wax lyrical about life and extended family members. Or tell ghost stories you’ve just made up on the spot because you can’t remember any. Remember though, play nice as the alternative is sitting on your own. In the dark. Without Facebook.

3. Friends!

If the family feuds are too much to bear, get some of your friends over. Hide and Seek in the dark is definitely a good laugh and people hitting their shins on coffee tables makes them easy to find. My sister even went to an indoor camping session. They set up a load of torches in the middle of the room like a camp fire and toasted marshmallows on matches.

Mp3 speakers are often battery-run so if everyone brings their semi-charged Mp3 player you can stick on some music and have a tiny rave. Any excuse to get out the glowsticks.

4. Indulge in a hobby.

The most fundamental law of physics is that life gets in the way of hobbies. Sure, you love to paint/draw/write/read/craft but school, uni, work and the internet often take priority. Hunt out that sketch book and pencils. Drive your parents up the wall with your guitar (acoustic, of course). Hand stitch a part of your cosplay costume. Why not brush up on some of Mooky’s crafty arty articles now and save it for a non-electrical day? You might rekindle your love and remember that there’s more to life than social media. No, really! There is! Although if there is you do of course have to visit the mooky forum and tell us all about it.

5. Sit outside or go and visit the neighbours.

This is especially true if you live in a student-friendly area or in halls. It’s also nice if you live near some elderly people who you know live alone. People do weird stuff in unexpected situations, including talk to complete strangers. You may find a new friend or a fittie who lived down the road from you all along. In the wonderful words of Regina Spektor, “People are just people, they shouldn’t make you nervous.”

6. Be prepared!

If you know in advance that you’re going to be cut off or if it’s something that happens frequently in your area, get a little pack of stuff together in preparation. Candles, lighter, batteries, condoms (so you aren’t faffing around in the dark), pens and paper, rules for card games. Anything that doesn’t rely on a socket. You may never need it but ditch the pens and add a ribbon or two and you’ve got one sexy night in right there.

So never fear next time the lights start to flicker on and off! Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas to shake away the boredom blues. It’s really not that bad once you get used to it (says she who went to seek out power at the library). If you’ve got any tips, remember to share your ideas on the Mookychick forums.

Love from

The internet-less abyss.

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