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On feminist icons, let's start with Disney's Ursula

On feminist icons, let’s start with Disney’s Ursula

Stephanie Moon artist

#ARThags – Stephanie Moon celebrates Black Soul Magic


Surveillance – A New Poem from Flutter: A Southern Gothic Fever Dream

kiss you sapphic mermaid

Kiss You – A Mermaid Sonnet by Kristin Garth

#ARThags: The twisted magical art of Shelli Le Fay

#ARThags: The twisted magical art of Shelli Le Fay

mermaid myths

Mermaid Myths of Britain – Where to Find Mermaids in the UK


Why I Want to Be a Mermaid

Disney princess for hire

How to Become a Disney Princess or Mermaid for Hire

mermaid makeup tutorial

Mermaid Makeup Video Tutorial

dark mermaid alternative fashion

Dark Mermaid Alt Fashion Shoot with Naddy Sane