Love and Life

boredom routine

Doing so much yet so little: confined in routine’s cage

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Living on a houseboat – why I took the plunge as a young woman


Lack of pampering doesn’t have to mean self-neglect

love breakup

The most important life lessons I learned from a break up

confidence vs courage

Sometimes it’s not confidence, it’s courage.

we love each other always now

Dealing with bereavement – we love each other always now


The unbearable lightness of being a pizza

alternative wedding stress

Alternative wedding stress? Do it your way

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A Song of Adult Humour and Child Suitability


Why Youtubers aren’t the worst teen role models ever


Wait, what even IS the female version of avuncular?

Desserts at the Metaphor Cafe!

Desserts at the Metaphor Cafe!