Top 10 Short Indie Hairstyles That Are Easy Or At Least Achievable

short hairstyle asymmetric

These short indie hairstyles are easy but still look epic. We wanted to give you a moodboard of potentials rather than Gagaesque hair art.

These short and mid length hairstyles are not displayed in order of preference. They have also been given highly spurious names.

Short hairstyle #1: The “Sweep”.

short hairstyle

Although styled within an inch of its life, this suggests a short indie hairstyle that doesn’t mind if its owner is messy or unkempt. We’re intrigued by using an undercut to add definition and structure to a wavy or curly hairstyle, too.

Short hairstyle #2: The “Karen O”.

A blunt cut, full of strength but suitable for everyday life. This would best suit people who don’t have tiny faces; tiny-faced people might well disappear behind such a mound of hair. And that would be a sad thing.

Short hairstyle #3: The “You”.

Great for short hairstyles experiencing growing pains. You’d have to ask a hairdresser to be sure, but it seems to us a lot of people suit having the weight taken off the bottom of the cut and layers put into the top. Regardless of the length of your hair, height can be added to layers with a little backcombing. Is the world at large over belittling emo hair yet? Anyway, this isn’t emo. It’s indie/goth/emo crossover. It’s… hair.

Short hairstyle #4: The “Pink Pixie”.

Photo by Natalie Stat. This short crop can be initially cut as an uber-short pixie cut to allow you growing out time. It’s very fresh, and you’ll enjoy running your fingers through your hair, and it’s easy to maintain – and also just long enough to tweak with accessories, hair product and such if you feel the urge. Going for pink hair or indeed any bright colour in short hair works wonders, and takes less time to remove if you don’t like it.

Short hairstyle #5: The “Cutiepie”.

If you’re thinking of getting a short haircut with a more retro feel, this indie layered bob angles down the face and has a side-parted fringe. It’s absolutely darling. Not only is it ideal for Spring and Summer, it’s a style guaranteed to suit loads of face shapes and hair types (straight / waved / curly).

Short hairstyle #6: The “Changeling”.

Soft bobs with a vintage feel are perfect for girls with hair that prefers not to be smooth and straight. Whichever way your hair waves, you can say you meant it that way. Thank you for modelling, Angelina Jolie. Nice job.

Short hairstyle #7: The “Swishy Bob”.

Photo by Marcinema. One of the best bob hairstyles around, we feel, and one which will make you feel like a lovely little thirties film star. This bob hairstyle is shorter in the back than the front, with a fringe/bangs and just enough layering that it doesn’t look like helmet hair. It’s stylish, charming, modern… and you can wear whatever you want with it, and go wherever you please, and know your hair will match.

Short hairstyle #8: The “V Fringe”.

If we forget about the gorgeous azure tresses for a moment, KikaMonster models a really nice example of a V Finge, a hairstyle which has its roots in Rockabilly and Psychobilly culture. We won’t lie – this one takes a bit of maintenance to keep it precise. However, the V Fringe is such an immediate way to add an extra layer of thrill to short indie hair. It goes with bobs terribly well, and if you tire of the V Fringe effect you can cut it to a cropped fringe and let it grow out – or pin it up or to the side, as preferred. Because of the way it follows the brows and draws attention to the eyes, the V Fringe tends to be as flattering on all face shapes as it is distinctive.

Short hairstyle #9: The “Rockabilly”.

Short hairstyles with a bit of length on top can easily be sculpted into a Rockabilly quiff, or to complement a style to suit any gender. And these genderfluid short hairstyles look edgy but relaxed when they’re down.

Short hairstyle #10: The “Goddess”.

You can do no wrong, Helena Bonham Carter. You can. Do. No. Wrong.

Short hairstyle #11: The “Well-Kept Secret”.

And one for luck. Just because it’s so damn cool.