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Halloween is coming and we are SO ready. Discover the Halloween Zone, with untold ways to celebrate our favourite yearly event.

Have you visited Mookychick’s Halloween Zone yet? Bookmark it for browsing in the 13th witching hour. From trashbag costume ideas and zombie makeup tutorials to important ways to worship your ancestors on Samhain, our Halloween cave is full of dark delights. Explore some of our favourite Halloween ideas below. It’s time for the thinning of the veil to begin…

pagan goth girl

Halloween Witchcraft and Samhain Celebrations

It’s time for the thinning of the veil. It’s time to connect with the ancestors…

Halloween binbag dress costume tutorial

Halloween costumes and makeup tutorials

This is your night to shine, dear hearts. Go forth and be splendid. Wear what you will.

halloween cat

Halloween decorations to inspire

From Halloween recipes to babybat decorations for the home, see what you could do. Consider that witch’s familiar rubbing round your ankles to be a help, not a hindrance.

halloween party tips

Halloween party tips – treat with a hint of trick

If you’re throwing a Halloween party this year, are there clever things you can do to enthrall your guests? Why, yes.

how to make a horror film with cheap Halloween SFX

Unusual things to do for Halloween

Honouring your ancestors, celebrating the thinning of the veil… these are our everything. But what of unusual Halloween activities done for the sheer love and entertainment of it?





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