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Gothic prom dresses under £100 – online buying guide

Gothic prom dresses under £100 are easy to shop for if you know how. See how and where to buy cheap gothic prom dresses you'll love eternally!


Have Yourself a Gothic Little Christmas…

How to celebrate a Very Gothic Christmas with reading, films, song, decorations and more...

28 tips from regulars on how to survive Whitby Goth Weekend

28 tips from regulars on how to survive Whitby Goth Weekend

Veteran Whitby Goth Weekend attendees give their very best tips on things to do, see, eat, wear and be...


What is modern goth style? A goth’s guide to undated dark fashion

A modern Goth shares her favourite gothic clothing and make-up brands, along with style staples.


Gothic maxi dress mavens unite

Gothic maxi dress mavens go long and keep cool in summer...

Can goths wear white? Of course...

Can goths wear white? Of course…

Can goths wear white? Of course! Explore summer gothic clothing in shades of white with our fashion tips.

World Goth Day

World Goth Day

Happy World Goth Day! We celebrate with some of our favourite gothic bands, old and new. Marvel at the celebration of all things goth on 22 May... in the heat of summer.

GodsGirls - alternative models

GodsGirls – alternative models

GodsGirls - interview with two GodsGirls alternative models about their alternative modelling careers and the GodsGirls ethos


Steampunk Style

How to get steampunk style, with tips, links and resources.

goth prom dresses

Goth prom dresses – style advice, DIY tutorials and buying tips

Goth prom dresses can make your dark light shine. See our online buying guide to choosing the perfect gothic prom dress with DIY tutorials and more!

Steampunk Fashion DIY Tips

Steampunk Fashion DIY Tips

In a world full of modernity, change and mass-production, the world has lost, even shunned both Old World elegance and Industrial Revolutionary grit. These steampunk DIY tips may help you to inject 18th century flair into your closet.

Adora Bat Brat - Goth fashion icon

Adora Bat Brat – Goth fashion icon

Interview with Adora Bat Brat, synthare (swedish electrogoth) princess. This clever goth queen is famous for her YouTube make-up tutorials, DIY gothic fashion and so, so much more.

Cool, windproof and goth umbrellas

Cool, windproof and goth umbrellas

Cool, windproof and goth umbrellas - forget the wind, carry your gothic umbrella with style

Corsets and corsetry

Corsets and corsetry

A history of corsets and corsetry, looking at the rise of the alternative, burlesque corest today.