LARP Q&A: What’s the best thing about LARPing for women?

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What are the 3 best things about LRP if you’re a girl?

Lilian: The characters, the costumes, the friends…

Chow: Drinking. Shopping for costume. Drinking. Hitting blokes. Er – did I mention drinking?

Emii: In most systems you only have a few girls. We’re quite lucky in ours because we have around 15 (enough for an 18 month girly calendar which we produced in 2005). However, this is still less than the guys, so we get to play some really funky characters – driads, succubi, demons, and then the generic peasants and whores. We get bonus points as most of us can make ourselves cry on demand 🙂 Also, sexuality is a powerful thing if you’re comfortable with it, which makes playing much more fun!

Lol – I met my fella at LRP and we have 2 kids now, so to me that was a great thing about being a girl at LRP. Seriously though, we need more girls at LRP. Because we are girls we can blag more, (Well it’s true, girls. We can all talk our way round any situation, but remember, men are vulnerable to a pretty face). Also, what could be a more rewarding hobby (especially if you’re a parent) than being allowed to pummel a bunch of blokes into the ground? Safely, of course! The best type of stress relief I have found. Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you always play the female in distress. My main character robbed the last party she was with of all the treasure they had obtained and they didn’t even notice till the game was over and we tallied up our treasure and they saw that all of it was now in my possession. On the other hand I have played an evil elf and spent the entire time bossing the party around – and by the end of that event I had them all calling me mistress and doing as I wanted. Muhahahaha…

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