Women in LARP – tips for beginners

live action roleplay

lrp: live action roleplay

What are your 3 hot tips for someone just starting out?

Rhona: Always go to an event with a friend or someone you know. Make friends with the people with the big shiny weapons so when baddies attack you have protection. Make sure your kit is fabulous 😀

Heather: Keep it simple and relax. Everyone around will be roleplaying so it will come naturally to you. Remember they are all pleased to see you there.

Emii: Don’t let anything daunt you for the first few tries. Some things can seem difficult to grasp or seem strange at first, as it’s not a mainstream hobby! Don’t let it get you down if your characters keep dying – treat it all as experience. Whatever happens, remember it’s still a game, and you’re there to have fun!

Carrie: Throw yourself into the deep end. Don’t waste time just splashing at the edges. You won’t get a feel for the game by staying in your own little corner. Don’t do the ‘Dark Mysterious Stranger in the Corner with a Cloak’ as your character and expect people to talk to you. Make inviting characters, people you would want to talk to. Have a background. A page or so written down of how your character came to be here will help you figure out where you are headed. Beware of too much background though, you probably don’t need to know the name of every pet animal your character ever had. Feel free to leave areas blank (“after university she hitchhiked around the country for six months”) to fill in later as the game progresses (“she worked briefly as a waitress to earn money while hitchhiking”).

Bridie: Get a decent costume and a good pair of boots (there’s nothing worse than having to spend the whole weekend with wet feet!) Choose a character that fits you. If you try to force yourself in a role that is just not you, it will not be believable. Get involved. You get out of LRP what you put in. Don’t just sit around in your tent expecting people to come and entertain you. Get out there and enjoy yourself.

Chow: Go along with an open mind, don’t take it too seriously and have a laugh, go with friends if you can, it is much more of a laugh if you can get a group together. Shop shop shop for costume! If you’re camping, lots of toilet roll…. Finally if you’re cornered/out numbered and the fight is going against you accidentally whack them where it hurts….(er don’t quote me on that one!)

Lilian: Find someone who doesn’t mind and ask lots of questions. Don’t get put off by jargon, soon you’ll understand what’s being said. Relax and get absorbed in the game.

Lol: Keep an open mind. Don’t be afraid to try anything. Let yourself go, enjoy the roles and have fun!

lrp: live action roleplaylrp: live action roleplaylrp: live action roleplaylrp: live action roleplaylrp: live action roleplay