Women in LARP – starting out

live action roleplay

lrp: live action roleplay

How did you get into live action roleplaying?

Rhona: I was sort of born into it because my mum’s a LARPer and a lot of my friends do LRP. They’ve been doing it for years with Legion of Dreams, which is I think one of the oldest live roleplaying groups, in the UK, anyway.

Lilian: A friend took me along

Emii: I liked reading fantasy, and found an LRP group advertising at the Fresher’s Fayre in my first year at Uni. It looked like fun, and I ended up hooked!

Bridie – The usual way – a boyfriend was into it. I was in denial for a while, always saying I didn’t want to go, but was always persuaded. I now help to run Hyborian Tales, a weekend of fantasy linear (story-based – Mooky Eds)adventuring.

Clare: Via university. Went along to a social for a weekly vampire LRP. Ended up doing Maelstrom.

Lol: Simple answer here, I went with other friends

Heather: A friend where I worked told me about it, I was fascinated so went along to an event with him and his mates. I saw them once over the weekend, met new people and soon made more friends, friends who have stayed with me since that day.

Chow: My husband. He’s been LRPing since 1982 at a place called Treasure Trap when that closed he moved onto Heroquest and I tagged along. The people there were so friendly and didn’t take it too seriously that I’ve been going on and off ever since.

Carrie: When I started at uni I joined the Boffer Club, hitting people with foam swords for fun and exercise. The president of the Boffer Club arranged for a few of us to monster (crew – Mooky Eds) at an event. I had a free weekend, I also had a crush on the boy in question. At the event I met his girlfriend, but I had so much fun running around being bears and orcs and lizardmen and everything else attacking this poor village that I wasn’t that hurt about the boy.

lrp: live action roleplaylrp: live action roleplaylrp: live action roleplaylrp: live action roleplaylrp: live action roleplay