Women in LARP Q&A: What do you dislike most about the hobby?

live action roleplay

lrp: live action roleplay

What do you dislike about LRP?

Bridie: The clique-eyness, and the frothers (people who assume that just because you LARP, you really want to sit around listening to them talk about their characters…)

Lilian: People who only play to gain better skills or more powerful stats (this is known as powergaming or munchkining), people who cheat, and people who whine because they can’t get what they want.

Emii: Or the other extreme – demanding to see the rules book whenever someone gets the upper hand over them. The rest of us try to take it in our stride but it does get annoying! I also dislike the stereotype that LARPers can’t tell the difference between reality and make-believe, or that they don’t know when to stop!

Chow: Rain, camping, no loos.

Heather: Mud. I’d be lying if I said the elements never bother me, mud is something I take personally – fortunately it’s not muddy that often.

Clare: But then you can go sit in a tent and carry on anyway, and you don’t have to brave the elements – unless you’re playing a Lady and can coerce a big strong man to carry your delicate parasol for you so you don’t get all wet 😉

Another thing is it can be quite hard to get involved unless you’re in a group or good at pushing yourself forward. Once you’re involved you’ll find it easier, but the initial stuff can be hard while you’re finding your feet. As can getting used to the weapons and being hit! Oh, and losing a character sucks!

Lol: A lot of events are a bit out of the way, and this is hard when you can’t drive…

Rhona: I think the only thing I dislike about LRP is the travelling! I hate being squished into a car with a latex sword poking you in the butt.

Carrie: My boyfriend and I usually travel by friend’s car to a local event, but by train to a camping event further away. The train means you have to pack light or schlep all your things on public transport. Packing light means you have to leave some things behind that you may want. Schlepping is a pain in and of itself.

lrp: live action roleplaylrp: live action roleplaylrp: live action roleplaylrp: live action roleplaylrp: live action roleplay