Women in LARP: What do you love about live action roleplaying?

live action roleplay

What do you love about LRP?

Clare: Oh, now this one is a toughie, way to start off! Well, firstly I suppose it’s the social aspect, people from all over the UK (and further afield – US, Europe, etc!) come to the large events and everyone’s concentrating on enjoying the same thing. Plus, there’s a wonderful feeling sitting outside, under the stars (wrapped up in cloaks!) around the open fire sitting and chatting, either in character (IC) or out of character (OOC) and just relaxing.

Carrie: I love the freedom of being another person in another world. I often try to play a normal person; not a magic user or a mighty fighter, but someone trying to make ends meet and just have a good life in the face of difficulties.

Bridie: I love dressing up in a silly frock and hanging out in a muddy field! Becoming a different person – a pirate or viking, for a whole weekend. Also, the lack of aggression at events. It might sound ironic, seeing as how the main feature of LRP is usually fighting, but a situation where if you have a problem with someone you can just ‘take it outside’ and have a scrap, knives, swords, clubs, whatever. It makes the whole atmosphere much more chilled out!

Heather: It’s a very long list so I’ll cut it to the top three. It’s complete and utter escapism for a weekend so I can forget about humdrum work, bills, commuting and all other responsibilities and enter another world entirely, a world I have chosen so I know I will enjoy it. It’s also a chance to express myself in different ways from ass-kicking cyber babe to fantasy princess (who may or may not kick ass)… it’s fun to try those and everything in between. I also love the adrenalin training – once you’ve faced the various adversities that crop up in a roleplaying weekend your boss is really not so scary.

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