Women who LARP: What kind of LARP event is best for beginners?

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What sort of LARP event is best for beginners?

Lilian: A smallish event with supportive people is the best place to start or a big one with a group of supportive friends – don’t go to a big event alone if it’s your first time.

Heather: One your friends go to, that’s always a good start. But take a look around and see what you fancy, maybe you are more interested in a 1920’s or modern thriller rather than a fantasy. Find one that appeals then drop the organisers a line. The one thing about LRP is people are both friendly and supportive, and refs are more than happy to help you out with any question you may have. Never be afraid to ask.

Chow: Hmm, difficult one. Some would say the large fests like The Gathering, but I prefer the smaller clubs and would say try a weekend for beginners. Heroquest (the club I go to) is running a whole string of them this year to celebrate 20 years of the club.

Carrie: Maelstrom is a big fest event (around 800 people) with a very immersive atmosphere and plenty to do. There is no plot but it is easy to get swept up in events as they happen, or ignore the battle outside your tent, as you choose.

Clare: Most people camp at fests but you’d be surprised at how comfy a tent can be – especially when you’re exhausted from the day! Food tends to be sold at them too, so you don’t have to bring stuff to cook yourself.

Lol – Any event will take new people. LRP is a very welcoming hobby and many people are happy to see and meet a new face. A lot of us are considered mad, eccentric, in your face, but we are all very friendly and these are all good traits, I promise you. Also, just as common sense, don’t choose an event in caves if you’re claustrophobic… but Labyrinth (my club) runs day events in UK Chislehurst caves. Each day is set in 3 hour sessions so you can go for just one session and you won’t waste lots of money on a hobby you ain’t sure of.

Rhona: For a first-timer I would suggest a really good horror. I don’t know about other people but there’s nothing better then the adrenalin rush when you’re being attacked by a p90 wielding clown!

Bridie: Small scale linear adventures are probably the best place to start, as these give the best opportunities to become involved with the whole adventure.

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