Alternative Style

cosplay lum

Cosplay corner: Lum

Cosplay maleficent

Cosplay Corner: Maleficent


Asda selling purrmaid duvet covers for £10 and up

tentacle octopus jewellery

Sucker love! Discover the tentacle jewellery of Kaity O’Shea

Lacey Lace

10 things I learned about buying pre-owned corsets on eBay

Androgynous fashion guide

Androgynous fashion guide to androstyle blogs & more


How to wear fishnet tights with literally everything

fairy clothing flutterbydaisy

Fairy Clothing by Flutterbydaisy – The Daisy Speaks

How to Make Furry Faux Fur Leg Warmers

How to Make Furry Faux Fur Leg Warmers


Love your black skirt? A guide to your emotional wardrobe


Game of Thrones maxi dresses? Mother of dragons!

The joy of parma violets

The joy of parma violets

About our Alternative Style section

The .alt style and fashion features you see above are a taste of the thousands of articles Mookychick has to offer. Click the little number links below to go deeper and see what you find in our style vaults.

From grunge and nineties kinderwhore to plus-size alternative style and tattoos and piercings, alternative style is a huge umbrella shielding you from the rain of the mainstream. A lot of alternative style can be done on a budget by scouring charity or thrift shops and mix-and-matching or customising to suit your needs (yes, we can help you learn how to customise a leather jacket, if you’re asking. A reader even tested out methods for us before getting her jacket signed by Metallica). Maybe it’s vegan shoes and fashion you seek? Or a brush-up on your steampunk or Victoriandustrial style? Or maybe you’re on a personal journey into androstyle

It all condenses to one hugely important thing. Your visuals are your own. Express yourself how you want.

Want to write about fashion you love for Mookychick? Get in touch! Opinion pieces, how-tos, cosplay… it’s all amazing and we’d love to hear from you.